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Frequently Asked Questions

a.  It’s a simple process that makes it easy for you to sell your home quickly and confidentially * CALL US OR USE THE CONTACT FORM ON THIS WEBSITE TO SCHEDULE A VISIT.  We’ll take a quick tour through your home, and assess the property. No need to stage the home, or make any repairs. * WE’LL MAKE YOU AN OFFER. Please note that we are a private investor, so this is a cash offer that we’re prepared to pay right away. * CLOSING. If you accept, we can close in as little as two weeks, but we’ll honor whatever schedule you choose.  We pay ALL closing costs, and there are never any hidden fees to pay. >> Contact us today

a. There are many benefits to selling privately, but the main ones are

FINANCIAL BENEFITS – we don’t use realtors, so you’ll keep the entire value of your home:  no commissions, no legal fees, no title costs.

IT’S FAST – we can guarantee our offer and close in as little as two weeks – the schedule is up to you.

IT’S EASY – no repairs to make, no “open house,” no staging your home and no strangers walking through your house every weekend.

IT’S CONFIDENTIAL – whatever your reasons for wanting to sell your house, it’s your business.  Selling privately is a private transaction between you and Option One, and your neighbors don’t have to know anything.

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a. Absolutely.  There are many costs – some visible and some hidden – involved with a traditional realtor sale.  Here are the basics:

Realtor commissions are typically 6% of the value of your home, and YOU pay those costs to the real estate agent. If your home is worth $300,000, that’s $18,000 you’re giving away to the real estate agent.

Fixup/repair costs:  if you’re selling through a realtor, they’ll want you to get your house in tip-top shape to show prospective buyers.  These repairs almost always include sprucing up the kitchen and the bathrooms, which are important to buyers.  These costs could rise into the tens of thousands of dollars quickly.

“Carrying costs” are the fees you’ll pay while you wait for a realtor to find a buyer.  Every month it takes to sell your house, you’re “carrying” another mortgage payment, plus taxes and insurance. It adds up, especially if it takes six months for a realtor to find the “perfect buyer.”

Closing costs – you may be asked to pay several thousand dollars to cover closing fees, legal fees, title search fees and more.  As much as 5% of the value of your home, depending on where you live!

Option One buys your house for the best possible price, and you’ll NEVER pay an additional fee: no closing costs, no legal fees, no transfer taxes or title fees, and no repairs to make on your house.

a. Lots of people sell their homes in private transactions.  Some are older parents who want to downsize, some are younger couples that are moving, some people have inherited a home that they can’t use, and others might be going through a life event that requires the home to be sold. Beware of “quick cash for your home offers” – they’ll try to give you the LOWEST amount for your home, and then try to rush you out of the house so they can flip it. Option One is happy to move at your pace, and close when you’re ready.

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a. We’ll come to your house and give you an appraisal at NO CHARGE to you.

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a. We buy houses in virtually any condition.  And we’ll absorb the costs to make any significant repairs. There’s no reason you should spend the time and the money to fix up a house you’re preparing to sell.

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a. NO!  If speed is a concern, we can schedule a visit right away, and close in as little as two weeks. 

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a. Option One is a private investor, so we’re always looking to make the strongest offer, despite the state of the market.

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a. Technically, we do offer cash payments, and we do move as quickly as you want.  But many of those other companies are “fix-and-flip” companies, or “title hustlers” who are only interested in making you the lowest offer possible.  You’ll know you’re getting a low-ball offer from those other companies, because when you decline, they’ll raise their offer.

You’ll never hear Option One raising our offer, because we will have given you the best offer the first time. We’ll always give you the best valuation for your home, based on the appraisal, and we’ll back it up with an earnest money deposit, usually between $1,000 and $4,000.

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a. Once you accept our offer and sign an agreement, we can schedule a closing in as little as two weeks.  On the day of the closing, you’ll get a check from us for the full value of the offer we made to you during the appraisal. 

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a. As with any appraisal, we’ll look at the condition and the style of your home, the neighborhood and all the other factors that determine home values.  We’ll also consider any repairs that we’ll have to make in order to get the home ready to sell. But our mission is to give you the BEST offer, and you’ll always get that first.

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a. We buy all kinds of properties, including two-family homes, condos in buildings, attached townhomes, and all others.  As long as you own it and you want to sell it privately, we’ll make you the best offer.

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Selling your home privately is easy, fast, and more profitable than using a realtor.
Find out how much time and money you can save with Option One – no obligation, no pressure.

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